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About Us


CA Partners, Inc. provides quality construction reporting and monitoring services to reduce our client's risk associated with new construction projects and existing properties. Our goal is to deliver a product exceeding industry standards, and with the flexibility to individually tailor services to meet the client's needs. CA Partners, Inc. understands the client needs a consultant to add value to the process and to identify true areas of exposure. Our services are delivered in a timely fashion with the utmost professionalism and integrity to protect our client's relationships with their customers.

About Us


CA Partners, Inc. brings together some of the most respected construction consultants in the industry and is experienced in all types of construction including commercial office, multi-family, land development, retail, industrial, and institutional. The company draws from the Principal's individual experience (over 40 years each), membership in industry organizations, and from architectural, engineering, and construction professionals. Involvement in over 5,000 construction projects supports this experience. Our success is also attributable to the hiring of construction/architecture degreed professionals with a broad range of experience in architectural, structural, civil, and MEP systems and a thorough knowledge of the construction process. Our consultants also hold undergraduate or advanced degrees in architecture/construction management programs.

A Word from the Partners

We appreciate your interest in our company and truly believe we are the best at what we do. CA Partners, Inc. was formed in 2000 and our goal has always been to provide the highest quality consulting/reporting services and, above all, be accessible to our clients and their customers. Integrity, by definition, means "sameness". Our approach has been to provide services with integrity and the same level of effort regardless of the client, size of project, or complexity of the assignment. Over the years, this has created a sense of trust with our clients and a belief they will receive the highest level of representation, thereby protecting their interests. We understand the development/construction process can be complicated at times, and it is our endeavor to simplify this process for our clients through our reporting.

What Separates Us From Our Competitors

A business model that provides a logical approach to adding value to the process and satisfying our clients' needs. Some examples include:

  • Principals who have spent the majority of their careers in representing construction lenders with the advantage of seeing changes in the industry and resulting clients' needs over a 35 year period.
  • Timing of site visits commensurate to the pay period end to provide the most protection against over funding. Other consultants may make site visits only upon receipt of the funding request package which may have no correlation of work in place against cost for the given pay period, resulting in exposure to over funding.
  • Understanding our role as the consultant to the construction lender. Reporting on the construction accounting processes in place commensurate with the type of construction contract utilized (cost-plus GMAX, stipulated sum, etc.). Other consultants may not consider this and take on exhaustive management or auditing responsibilities when others that are contractually obligated to perform this function (Owner's Representative, Architect, etc.)
  • Performing front-end reviews that identify exposures in drawings, documents, contracts, and budgets from a lending perspective.

We sincerely appreciate our clients who have entrusted us in protecting their interests.

  • David R. Dutton

  • Chris Rehkemper
    Assoc. AIA